Car camera features

What kind of car camera is good? You can check the performance of the car camera from the following aspects:

    First, the chip CCD and CMOS chips are an important part of the reversing camera. They can be divided into CCD and CMOS depending on the components. CMOS is mainly used in products with lower image quality. Its advantage is that manufacturing cost and power consumption are lower than CCD. The disadvantage is that CMOS camera has higher requirements on light source; CCD is a high-end technical component used in photography and video. A video capture card is included. CCD and CMOS are very different in technology and performance. Generally speaking, the CCD effect is better, but the price is also more expensive. It is recommended to select the CCD camera without considering the cost.

fisheye lens 200 degree

   Second, the clarity Sharpness is one of the important indicators for measuring cameras. In general, the image quality of the products with high definition will be better. The product with clarity of 420 lines has become the mainstream product of the reversing camera. If the 380 line is good, it can also be selected. There are better chips 480 lines, 600 lines, 700 lines, etc., but depending on the chip level of each camera, the difference in photosensitive elements, including the level of the debugging technician, the quality of the same level of the same chip product may be different. The same, there is to see what kind of lens to use, the lens made of good materials, the image rendering effect will be much better, on the contrary, the high-definition product night vision effect will be discounted.

   Third, night vision The night vision effect is related to the clarity of the product. The higher the resolution, the night vision effect of the product will not be very good. This is because of the chip itself, but the good quality product has the night vision function, and the image object is not imaged. The effect, although the color will be worse, but it is not a problem. If there is infrared night vision fill light or LED white light fill light, night night vision is more clearly visible

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