Driving recorder lens difference

The single lens has a small wide angle, and the wide angle of the double lens is large and prevents deformation.

Single-lens driving recorder This is the most common and original form. One camera and one lens. 

We know that the driving recorder is responsible for taking pictures of the driving pictures, 

so the wider the shooting, the better. It is not easy to miss some. The picture, although each lens has a wide angle, 

but under normal circumstances, the wide angle can only reach 150 degrees or so. The video picture taken beyond this range will be severely deformed.

In order to solve the problem that the single-lens driving recorder is too wide and wide-angle will be deformed, 

some driving recorder brands have launched a dual-lens driving recorder. The wide angle of a single lens is relatively low, but the cost will also drop a lot. The sum of the lenses is much larger than that of the single-lens driving recorder, and the captured video image does not appear to be deformed.

The dual-lens recorder has some advantages. In fact, this is not the case. The single-lens driving recorder technology is very mature, 

and the compatibility of various functions is better. The dual-lens recorder is simply added. 

A lens, functional integration needs to be improved and optimized. If you do not consider the scope of monitoring, 

focus on features and performance, single-lens recorders are more suitable.

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