five common lens classification statements

Wide-angle lens

A lens with a focal length of 24 mm or less is usually regarded as a wide-angle lens. It is characterized by a large viewing angle and can accommodate more scenes, making them a common lens in so-called landscape and architectural photography. The short focal length feature makes it inherently better than the telephoto lens. For example, when shooting indoors, the wide-angle lens makes it easier to take clear pictures with the same shutter speed, aperture, and sensitivity settings.

m12 lens

However, the distortion problem of the wide-angle lens itself is more prominent than that of the telephoto lens, especially the closer the subject is, the more obvious this deformation is. Of course, this is not all bad. How to control and use the lens distortion can make the picture change more. It is a compulsory course in the process of learning photography.

3.8-12mm zoom lens

When it comes to distortion, there is a more extreme category in the wide-angle lens, which is the fisheye lens. The fisheye lens has a considerable angle of view and can even reach 180 degrees. The picture taken is extremely exaggerated, but it is also easy to feel aesthetic fatigue.

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