How was an optical lens born from design to production?

If it is just designing an optical lens, it has very little theoretical knowledge. It mainly uses the principle of light refraction and reflection to collect the reflected light of the photographed object and focus it on the image sensor. But in practice, it is not easy to make a design into a real product.

Taking the most commonly used mobile phone camera as an example, this kind of lens is very different from a photographic lens because it needs to strictly control the total length and take into account the pixels. The first is the difference in materials. Many manufacturers will prefer to use plastic lenses instead of traditional glass lenses. Plastic lenses have lower light transmittance than glass lenses, but they are easier to form, have higher yields, and have lower costs. Combinations of plastic lenses with different shapes can also achieve very good imaging results.

m16 lens mount

Optical lenses have a very high technical difficulty. At present, manufacturers that can stably produce high-quality lenses in large quantities are still relatively rare. The two main difficulties are design and manufacturing.

In the design stage: The design stage requires years of experience and imagination, not just a project, but also an art. Each designed optical lens can be specially patented to protect the designer's brainchild. The design link directly determines whether a manufacturer can produce a certain lens, and it is a ticket to enter the industry.

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