Iris camera lens

Iris camera lens

Iris camera lens Nowadays, most commercial iris recognition systems adopt two kinds of user self-positioning technologies. 

One is to use distance sensors to sense people's distance, and use audio or indicator light or buzzer to remind people to 

approach or stay away from the camera. , get a clear iris image. The other is to use a mirror or LCD display to 

visually observe your position, adjust your position to the appropriate collection area, and capture clear images.

Iris image acquisition needs to first align the human eye to be recognized with the iris camera, 

adjust the position of the human eye, and enter the collection area to collect higher quality and clear pictures.

 In order to adjust the position of the human eye, the front of the general iris camera.

The plane mirror feedback device for human eye positioning will be placed. 

Although the position of the human eye is intuitive by using the plane mirror, 

it is difficult for the user to find the effective area of the image collection when the distance of the eye is far from the lens through the plane mirror, 

and the position adjustment time of the human eye is long. 

The user experience is not good enough. If the binocular image is to be fed back,

 the area of the flat mirror required is large, which makes the volume of the iris collecting device large, and it is difficult to miniaturize the device.

In order to determine the position of the human eye in order to collect a picture with high quality, 

a convex mirror is arranged in front of the iris camera, the relative position of the convex mirror and the iris camera is fixed, 

and the iris camera is provided on the convex mirror, according to the convex mirror .

The size and position of the optical image of the subject formed in the medium, 

and after adjusting the relative position or distance of the iris camera and the subject, the iris camera performs shooting. 

However, since the iris camera photographs the subject through the viewfinder hole, the field of view of the iris camera is limited, and the position of the iris camera is also limited.

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