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Trace Optical specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of various fixed & zoom optical lenses. The company has a Shenzhen R&D center and a Long Nan (Ganzhou) business department. It has a group of experienced optical technology experts and senior engineers. Based on optical design, it has been focusing on the field of wide-angle optics for 10 years and has more than 80 optical patents.

Trace Optical’s products mainly focus on the fields of vehicle imaging, car DVR, smart home, IPC surveillance, 360°VR/AR, drone,sports DV customized camera lens etc.

complete manufacturing system

Professional Lens Manufacturer

The company has a complete manufacturing system from lens processing, aspheric lens injection, optical coating, lens assembly & inspection. Meanwhile, the company shipped 20 million lenses in 2019, ranking NO.1 in the country in terms of lens shipments in the automotive consumer sector.

Trace Optical

Lens inspections

TRACE has strict incoming inspection and finished product outgoing inspection, which has confirmed that the quality is optimized.

Research and Developing

Based on optical design, it has been focusing on the field of wide-angle optics for ten years and has more than 150 optical patents.

It specializes in the optical design and film system design of various glass-plastic hybrid aspheric lenses, and has unique design concepts in the fields of purple fringing chromatic aberration correction, infrared confocal and high and low temperature correction.

about trace optical

Our Vision

Customer-first, refinement and pragmatism, go all out to be an honest Trace person. In the second decade of Trace Optical, it is clear that our Trace people’s goal is to provide customers with more cost-effective, better quality products and better services!

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